Safari Web Inspector not working

I try to debug an iOS app (Cordova) with Web Inspector on remote desktop Safari.
But the inspector window is blank… There are tabs (console, elements…) but they are empty.
Can you please tell me how to fix this?

Could you say a bit more about your setup? Presumably you have an iPhone plugged into your desktop? Are you trying to tet Safari on mobile through Safari on desktop?

I’m testing a mobile application built with the Cordova framework running on my iPod (iOS 9.3.5) plugged into my PC. The Safari Web Inspector is running on a macOS Sierra VM (VirtualBox). This worked perfectly for a while, but at some point the web inspector became blank. Sometimes it works again, sometimes it breaks for no apparent reason. I also tried with Safari Technology Preview, it worked for some time but also stopped to work, except for the Reload button.

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