Safari Frame targeting problem


I am having a problem with frame targeting in safari.

The problem page:

Click “arts & attractions” on left
Click “amagansett”
Click “the art barge” (pulls up a dummy listing)

Now click “amagansett” again.

The page opens in a new browser window, instead of the frame
“listingcontent” as it did when it was first clicked.

This only is happening with Safari.

Can anyone tell me what is happening here, and what a solution might be ?


I do not know why but my browser flat-out refuses to visit that site and just gives; “Server not Found”.

Safari for Mac doesn’t show that behavior. :rolleyes: Are you viewing this in Windows?

No, on Safari on mac. You have to make sure the frame with the “art barge” listing loads completely, then click “amagansett” again. I think it has something to do with the listing page that loads in, as I tried linking a listing to a local page and it does not exhibit the same problem. Also does not happen in Safari on iPad…