Safari doesnt show properly

I alredy finished with my website, usually I check and look for bugs or any mistakes in Chrome, Mozilla and Opera + on my Android phone. My friend show me website on his iPhone and it was totally diferent. So I check it trought Safari (5.1.7) and it was same like on his mobile. It’s looks like @media absolutly don’t work. There is link of website and i add some screens as well. - screens in txt file

It’s something to do with the SourceMapping of the css files as all Safari is seeing is the less css and not the real css and therefore applies no rules.

If you put the css in the head then the page is working in Safari as expected so I guess sourceMapping takes place serverside and intercepts the css file.

I don’t know enough about sourceMapping or bootstrap to offer a fix other than don’t do it.

What happens if you remove this rule from the CSS:

/*# */

Thx mate I add some stuff from personalized bootsrap to min bootsrap and its working!

If you use any CSS hacks than definitely it will look different at safari, you need to fix these hacks.

Did you read the thread and my answer before replying?

This problem has nothing to do with hacks.


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