Safari change my image dimensions?

I have a great problem in Safari.
Here is the link:

its work perfect in chrome , firefox but when i view in safari you will image totally change in height and whole images on that page looks quite bad.

I don’t How to fix that problem. Please help me to solve this issue

Obligatory question - what OS? Windows?

both on windows 7 and 8

Read this thread.

Thanks. I have solve the problem know images are showing well but there is another problem
When we click on image then the size of all the images change at once.
Why this is only in Safari ?

Because Safari on Windows is known to not work as might be expected and is no longer supported.

If you really want to test Safari best to find another way than on Windows.

Because Safari is very outdated (for Windows) and should never be developed with.

The min-height on the image is confusing safari pc so remove it.

.grid figure img{min-height:0}

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