Running .EXEs on server

Hi, someone told me that converting PHP script to an Executable coiled file would be great to achieve huge processing/loading speeds.

Is it worthy to “compile” all the PHP i have? Even making the .exe do the SQL requests?

How can i make a server like Godaddy ones run .exe (or linux executables)? Or is there any other kind of executable proper for this situations?

Investigate these links:

and then report back on your findings :slight_smile:


Looks very interesting, and i shall take further look tomorrow.
But will that work for generating webpages like a normal website does?
As far as i read, this will allow me to create stand alone aplications using PHP as a compilable language. But what i meant is generating webpages but instead of using .php, using .exe or some already compiled language that servers can run.

I saw that CGI could help me achieve this ( but im not sure yet what am i looking for at all. I never saw anyone using compiled files to do the job that PHP does, and never saw if compiled stuff is faster that PHP statistically, but, it makes sense because scripts are slow.

Facebook recently released software to do just that, although its name escapes me.

Generally the advantages are very minimal. You’re better off installing a PHP opcode cache and optimizing your database calls.

HipHop, I believe…strange enough of a name…

Will executables run on every comun hosting service (like godaddy) or i need to create a dedicated server?

It will run on some, but generally not run on most. From what I heard, Go Daddy is a terrible web host, so they probably don’t allow it.

Besides dedicated servers, there are also VPSes that are cheaper.

Either way, you will not find the huge performance increase that you are looking for.