Run script from a single page

Hi, from page 1 (copied, the original is protected) this userscript extracts the publisher, but I would like the script not to be executed on page 2, which has same URL but differs from page 1 only in the addition of a section/banner.

Thank you!

The text is contained in a li element, right?

So you can grab all the li elements, then use Array.prototype.some to test whether at least one element in the array contains that text.

const lis = document.querySelectorAll('li');
const textFound = Array.from(lis).some(li => li.textContent.includes("La ricerca in polo e in indice non ha prodotto risultati"));

if (!textFound) {
  // Run script



Whether this is appropriate or overkill in this instance I don’t know, but import() sprung to mind. The function allows for conditionally importing modules.


Thank you, James_Hibbard, the extra text included in page 2 (where the script should not run) is contained in a li element. Unfortunally the script still runs on the other page. I even tried this, but the result is the same:

const excludedSection = document.querySelector('section.messages.warnings');
if (!excludedSection) {
  // Call the functions to extract "Nome" value and set it in the input field
  impostaNome(getNome(document.querySelector('div.meta.tito div.evidence.isbd').innerText));

Thanks, rpg_digital, it seems a bit complex.

I guess we are back to this thing of the real page being slightly different than the copied page.

This is what happens for me:



I’m sorry, I forgot that it’s an inherent behavior of the software, not of the userscript. So I simply added this userscript on page 2. Thanks again, James_Hibbard and rpg_digital, and sorry again!

var section = document.querySelector('section.messages.warnings');
    if (section) {
        var field = document.getElementById('ds');
        if (field) {
       field.value = '';

So you got it working?

If so, would you mind posting the code? (I’m just curious)

James_Hibbard, Certainly. I leaved the userscript as it was in Page 1 and added last userscript in Page 2, that’s it.

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Ah ok. So you have different userscripts for different pages?

Yes, exactly.

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