Ruby on Rails + Cloud 9


Do you think Cloud9 still the best free development environment over the web ? Or do you know another ?

By the way, I like to use Cloud9 + GitHub + Huroku

I like many of the features of Cloud9.
I have used Nitrous with Heroku (and, of course, GitHub) for many years; a paid plan. But I have been really impressed with CodeAnywhere as I play around with it.

Thanks @ParkinT for your feedback, in fact, I like CoveAnywhere too, I test it before with php ; By the way, which one you prefer more to code ?

Since I discovered Rails (over 10 years ago), with the exception of trying the new JS frameworks, I have not touched anything else.
I used PHP for many years when it was young. Also, was an early adopter of Cold Fusion (before it had that nifty name).

Nice, by the way, if you want to remember Rails, I’m trying to write my experience on begin from here website. Because I don’t want to find again the information, so I think the best way to share my experience online, but also, by this way, if I forget in the future, I will return to what I noted through this website.

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