Ruby free ebooks for begginer

Hi there.I am a completely begginer for ruby.this is my life first programming language of me.which free ebooks is good for me ? Please help me,I read few articles about "how much"useful ruby language.please suggest me some ebooks.
Thank you

You know, that is what things like Google are for. There are plenty of sites where they recommend a list of beginner books for Ruby. Some free or some not. Honestly, I would be looking for an in-depth easy book to understand and if you have to pay a little for it, just suck it up and pay. Here is one such site…

You also know that you can watch whole video courses for free on YouTube that shows you how to write Ruby (or any language for that matter). Just do a search on YouTube for them.

Good luck with the learning.


Thank for your great reply.enough for me .

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