RSS submissions

Is RSS feed submission will really work?

I was doing for some of projects of mine. But I don’t see more benefit of it?

Let me know if I am wrong?

Guys 72 visits but no reply.

Please answer me so that I come to know about the RSS activities. One of our client needs this for his project and I want to work on only quality in which we can get the best results.

The reason that you didn’t get any answers is probably because you didn’t ask a very good question. What do you mean by “will it work”?

RSS seems to be falling out of fashion. Twitter is taking over. Sure, there are still people out there using RSS, but probably not in such huge numbers. If you have got an existing RSS feed then it may be worth keeping it going but I wouldn’t generally bother starting one unless you’ve got a good reason to. If you’ve got a feed going, it may be worth putting a marker on the URLs that you use in the RSS so that you can check your logs and see how many people actually click on them, as to whether it’s still worth your effort.

If you mean “will an RSS feed magic me to the top of Google” then the answer is almost certainly ‘no’. Google should be able to find every page on your site anyway, and if your navigation and general marketing is up to scratch then you’re unlikely to get a whole load of SEO benefit from your RSS feed.

RSS feeds really couldn’t be simpler. They’re basically simple text files that, once submitted to feed directories, will allow subscribers to see content within a very short time after it’s updated (sometimes as short as 30 minutes or less; it’s getting faster all the time).

You’ve not received any responses for the reasons @Stevie_D mentioned. RSS feed submission is no magic solution to improving your search ranking, nor will it really help if you’re submitting a half-decent site.

Not sure if RSS submission really works but you may use RSS content to populate your website. To make it better you may convert your RSS feeds into a code snippet and then place it to your webpage. I used RSS Ground service for a while for this purpose.

Of course it works basically its an subscription so if anybody will subscribe for that they will get a notification mail when you update something on that page its a good way of getting repeated traffic

RSS feed which provides readers with an easy way to follow your site. RSS feeds could also be used to build backlinks. By submitting your RSS feed to feeds directories, you can grow your subscribers and your contents could easily get picked up. It helps in increasing traffic.