RSS Headline Reader

I know that there use to be a area for this type of questions in the forums, but with all the condensing that has gone on, one has to find what is the appropriate area for this type of question :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a simple RSS Headline reader for FireFox that gives me a brief read on what the headline is about, as I’m looking for something quick so I can read and decide if I want to read the entire article, "as I get older I’ve noticed that time goes quicker"© :slight_smile: I’ve downloaded a few and installed one of them being Sage which I didn’t like. Any recommendations ?

You don’t necessarily need to download and install anything to have a feed reader, there are plenty of options that offer this service as a web service, most notable (in my mind at least) are Google Reader and [URL=“”]NetVibes

I already use one of those services. I want to be able to check the feed headlines with a brief description without having to log into a service.