Rss feed

I need help. I am new to RSS feed. I want to create a news website. Right now I am totally confused as to where to get the news from.
I want it to look as this on my own page. I don’t want their page to display on my website when their link is clicked. all I want is the raw nesw data. How do I do this?

An RSS feed is usually used to tell people of updates (‘news’) on your website. Whenever you add a new page or article to the website, you also add it to the RSS feed, so that people who are subscribed to your feed get a note that there is a new page for them to look at.

What I want to know is, where are they getting the news from? I want to get the same news and present it in a new format.

The rss feed, usually an XML file, can be manually written or can derive from
a blog that creates said file and fills the content with the posts from the blog

If you look at the xml [B][/B] how can i tell where they are getting the news from?


They are using their own feed by the looks of things and retrieving it from their News section database.

It’s called journalism. You might as well ask where CNN and the BBC or the local newspaper get their news from. If all you are planning to do is to take their news and present it as your own, that would be copyright theft.

exactly. Its not nice to steal- especially art, which good coding can be :slight_smile:
For that matter its not good to steal in general.

You could always write about the same issue in your own words or do a commentary on another news sources’s work.

In response to the source of the feed in the link provided, it is a database.

i am not stealing a damn thing. i have checked about 5 websites and they have the same news. What I want to know is where they are getting it from. If they have the same news then obviously they’re getting from somewhere. if there is subscription, then I will be glad to pay for it. One thing for sure I definitely know what JOURNALISM is and don’t need to be reminded.

Well that’s a helpful tone, though I can’t say for sure where each news site is getting their information from, are you sure you aren’t interested in RSS Feed aggregation? Actually using an aggregator to gather various news articles from other websites, make a mashup of sorts?

Why don’t you email them and ask them? They might have a better idea of their own sources than a bunch of people scattered around the world who have never heard of the site before…