How can I create RSS for my wordpress site Get Thin? How does it effect SEO? I have some links that haven’t been indexed by search engines. Is there something like RSS to get them indexed?

The main reason for using an RSS feed is to help your regular visitors keep up-to-date with the latest changes on your site, so they get a notification whenever you add or update a page.

It has limited benefits for SEO - if your problem is that search engines don’t always notice changes you’ve made quickly then an RSS feed might help you a little bit - but it sounds like your problem is that Googlebot just hasn’t crawled your whole site yet. If that’s the case, you’d be better off submitting a sitemap listing all pages you want included.

My site is indexed by google. I’m talking about some backlinks that are still not indexed by google. Howver, yahoo has indexed them. These backlinks are on other blogs in the form of comments. Is there anyway I can get google to index them?

There are several tools on google for creating RSS for your website. what I mean to ask is that if there is any possibility to creat RSS of the pages where I’ve backlinks to my site. Note that this site where my backlink is, is not my own site. I just want my backlink to be indexed.

No, you cannot create rss of those sites from where you are getting links.

Why not? You can create an RSS feed with links to any website you like! You might not be able to do it automatically, but you can still create one if you want.

If there are some ways that we can create rss of those links, then we would like to learn about it. Do you mind sharing some of them over here??

An RSS feed is just an XML file, which you can create in Notepad or any text editor. You can find the syntax out by Googling it or looking at an existing RSS feed on any site. Just replicate that, copy and paste in the links and content that you want, and there you go.

Thanks Stevie D, for guiding.

Thankls Stieve. But I cant get all this. Could you be more specific please?