RSS aggregator not parsing characters?

Hi all,

Apologies I’m not sure how to phrase this, however I’m using a PHP RSS script to pull in data from elsewhere.

However, the content that’s being pulled often include characters that the browser can’t determine, and is displayed like � and ?.

Is there anyway around this?

Many thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

Either ensure that your pipeline can handle UTF-8, or down-convert UTF-8 to something that you can handle, such as ISO-8859-1

Thanks for your reply, how do I down-convert?

At the utf8_decode page you will find a function called utf2html()


Unfortunately I don’t know php (yet) and this kind of baffles me - is there an easy way of editing the PHP script to remove any html characters that are included in the RSS feed?

Many thanks

Yes, run the above-mentioned function just before the content gets echo’d to the page.


echo $rssContent;


function utf2html (&$str) {
echo $rssContent;