Rpxnow.com Alternatives

Hello SP.

This OpenID (Google, Yahoo, AOL, Blogger, Twitter, Windows Live, Myspace, Wordpress) is the future. The current openid enter url thing is daft :blush: but the theory is good.

I found a good website rpxnow.com
who have three levels Basic, Plus, Pro. They all do the same except Pro has some essencials such as syncronization, custom login interface and custom trustroot (!).

The problem I find with RPX now is that over $49.99 for a pro account is ridicules. You then have to rely on their servers being up and it makes your website look like a id theft website if you have basic.

Are their any alternatives to RPXNow? preferably an open source self hosted version (or any pointers).

Yours, NuWeb

I think Gigya (gigya.com) may come closer to it. Any other alternatives?

Hi buddy :slight_smile:

Have you managed to find something worth trying? I need the same thing :slight_smile: