Row count returns an error


I have a table in a database that I can query using page and return all results successfully, but I also want to return the row count of a specific column and simply display the total number of rows on an page so I can calculate percentage of certain repeated words under this column

I have included an extract from the code. When I add the count bit, an indexoutbound error is displayed. note without the count, everything works. Any ideas?

cmdSelectAuthors = New SqlCommand("Select *, count (column1) as ColumnData from table1 where conditions ", conPubs )

dtrAuthors = cmdSelectAuthors.ExecuteReader()

While dtrAuthors.Read()

Response.Write( dtrAuthors( “ColumnData” ) ) = this should display the total count of rows of column1

End While Loop

Thanks in advance

Does the SQL query work by itself ?
Not sure if it’d work without having a group by

No cant do it in SQL. This is what I am trying to achieve. I have a table that shows different statuses (passed, failed, in progress, pending) I want to show the total count of all rows first then show the total count of each status e.g. total count of passed, total count of failed etc

So not sure how to do this with data reader

any ideas?

I don’t believe it matters what your column is. Rows will always be the same number no matter what column you select. I am not a DBA by any stretch but I work with a few platforms that do and I just select the Table where I wangt to know the Row Count and it tells me.

I am not on my home computer at the moment so I cannot cough up the right SQL terminology. Hopefully someone will soon.


I spoke too soon. I did find an example here at work.


“test7” was my table that I was checking so I would replace that with your table name and give it a twirl.