Rotating graphics advert things?

For example BBC has one at the top of their front page
It starts off with a title, then a picture below it and selectable text.
There are arrows on either side to go to a previous advert, and little buttons on top to skip to a particular advert.

  1. What do you call these things?[*]Where can I get one that is open source/free

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Check out jCarousel. It might provide what you’re looking for:

That’s really just a simple slide show. (That’s what it’s called) Accomplishable with jQuery or JavaScript plug-ins (like the one tom8 mentioned) or with Flash, although that’d be sort of excessive.

jCarousel is good (I mean, I assume it is) and so is SlidesJS, the jQuery [url=]Cycle plug-in or [url=]Cloud Carousel, which is 3d.