Rotate images and stop at last one

I’ve been using Jquery and innerfade for years to cycle through a series of images as a slide-show. I have a need to cycle through a set of images and stop at the last one which I can’t do with innerfade. Any suggestions for a suitable script? I guess I could use CSS transitions but then I’m in the wrong forum!

I’ve always been impressed by the cycle plugin. You can set the nowrap option for example so that it doesn’t cycle and stops at the last one.

Many thanks Paul. I’ll give it a go.


Cycling through a set of images could be achieved by positioning them on top of each other, then fading one out and the next one in until you reach the final image.

If the plugin Paul suggested isn’t suitable, let us know - I’m sure it won’t be too difficult to find a solution.

Thanks Pullo

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