Ror on snow leopard - installation issues

I’m new to Ror. Just got this book simply rails by patrick lenz from the stands.

Seeing that my macbook (running snow leopard) has everything already installed, this is what I did…

lenovo-t400:~ Anush$ rails new
create app/controllers
create app/helpers
create app/models
create app/views/layouts
create config/environments
create config/initializers
create config/locales
create db
create doc
create lib
create lib/tasks
create log
create public/images
create public/javascripts
create public/stylesheets
create script/performance
create test/fixtures
create test/functional
create test/integration
create test/performance
create test/unit
create vendor
create vendor/plugins
create tmp/sessions
create tmp/sockets
create tmp/cache
create tmp/pids
create Rakefile
create README
create app/controllers/application_controller.rb
create app/helpers/application_helper.rb
create config/database.yml
create config/routes.rb
create config/locales/en.yml
create db/seeds.rb
create config/initializers/backtrace_silencers.rb
create config/initializers/inflections.rb
create config/initializers/mime_types.rb
create config/initializers/new_rails_defaults.rb
create config/initializers/session_store.rb
create config/environment.rb
create config/boot.rb
create config/environments/production.rb
create config/environments/development.rb
create config/environments/test.rb
create script/about
create script/console
create script/dbconsole
create script/destroy
create script/generate
create script/runner
create script/server
create script/plugin
create script/performance/benchmarker
create script/performance/profiler
create test/test_helper.rb
create test/performance/browsing_test.rb
create public/404.html
create public/422.html
create public/500.html
create public/index.html
create public/favicon.ico
create public/robots.txt
create public/images/rails.png
create public/javascripts/prototype.js
create public/javascripts/effects.js
create public/javascripts/dragdrop.js
create public/javascripts/controls.js
create public/javascripts/application.js
create doc/README_FOR_APP
create log/server.log
create log/production.log
create log/development.log
create log/test.log
lenovo-t400:~ Anush$ cd new

lenovo-t400:new Anush$ ruby script/server
=> Booting Mongrel
=> Rails 2.3.5 application starting on
=> Call with -d to detach
=> Ctrl-C to shutdown server

I dont see ruby starting or mongrel browser opening up, can the experts help me out.


lenovo-t400:new Anush$ rails -v
Rails 2.3.5
lenovo-t400:new Anush$ ruby -v
ruby 1.8.7 (2009-06-12 patchlevel 174) [universal-darwin10.0]
lenovo-t400:new Anush$ gem -v
lenovo-t400:new Anush$ sqlite3 --version

I’m not sure I understand what the problem you’re having is? That output all looks ok to me