Roll over image enlarge

hey guys, I want to make the image on this page

Appear bigger when the user hovers over it with the mouse. I’m not really sure what the best approach is. Sorry if this is not php related but if you can point me in the right direction I would appreicate it.



I would say you want Javascript or css.
Css example: [URL=“”]Magnify an image

Hi, thanks for the reply… Stupid question but where can I see the code for that site? I’ve had a look around but can’t find it.


It must be on the site some where but you can just “view source” and pick the code out from there.

Following from Rubbles comment, Id probably choose a misture of both

Write two images in your HTML,one thumsized and the following one the full size image. give the full size image a default CSS of “display:none;” so it doesnt display then on the mouse over of the thumb change the CSS of the display operator via javascript.

Thats only a very uncomplicated method, there are other things to consider such as making the “popup” image not break your normal page layout etc.