Role of Blog in Online Branding?


Just want to know your thoughts. What do you think is the role of Blog in Online branding?


It promotes the business.

@AaronHarris; what do you think it is? I’m interested to know your thoughts :slight_smile:

A blog is definitely a branding tool in at least three ways…

  1. Showcasing your expert knowledge and personality to prospective clients/customers
  2. Demonstrating your commitment to an industry by commenting on current events in the news
  3. Conforming to Google’s demands for frequent new and unique content, which of course leads to better serps

Blogging is a must to do activity in the current trend.It is great way to fosters good relationship and trust and also bring s lot of traffic to website.

People always like to listen influence’s talk, If your blog is very popular people will follow your trend, strategies and reviews. On the other hand blogging is best way of marketing and backlinking because only content is king nowadays. :slight_smile:

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It can promote your business as well as increase your site’s PR.

Okay, I’m sorry, but this is a silly question. A blog can play any number of roles to a brand. It could be the face of the company, it could be used for marketing, for notifying customers of what you are doing, etc. It can be a news outlet, publications, it could be ANYTHING.

What you need to take away from this rant, is that if you launch a blog and you don’t know what it is for. You are already going to fail with it! A company should know what it wants the blog to provide for the company before it even launches it. If it doesn’t do that, how do you verify it is performing to your expectations? How do you know if you need to shift your strategy? How do you measure its usefulness to the company and to the target audience?

As an aside for everyone else, unless you are going to detail your story about how you utilized your blog to play an important role in your brand/company, your post will be treated as fluff. No more of this one sentence non-sense that isn’t even useful.

@Molona I look at a blog as an other authority site. You can leverage a blog for a corporate site to share more info, share your expertise and provide even more value which can payoff for your you by people signing up to your service/product.

You can also have a static blog with a few evergreen posts, and never add to it ever again, simply have it as a “corporate” type blog/site to build credibility and your brand.

You just answered your own question :wink:

In addition to that, I agree with @cpradio; A blog can play a number roles and it really depends on your goals what it will be: either educate your customers or show them creative ways to use your products or provide them with instructions or info that may be of interest to them or, as you say, set the company as an authority

I have worked for a company in the past that used a blog for industry updates & a service desk. They kept their main website for sales/PR. My view is that everything you put out in the world (online & offlline) impacts on your branding so it is about having a strategy.


A blog can do a lot of things in improving your business. You can demonstrate and share your expertise in a particular field/industry in which you and your business are engaging in. Next is that you give your customers information that is worth reading; you also get to converse and stay connected with them. This will show your customers just how dedicated you are in your business. Through blog, you get to give your customers updates on the latest trends in ecommerce that may be educational for them. Most of all updating your business regularly through blog you attract more traffic in your site that could turn into potential customers and can increase page ranking too.

Whenever we launch a new startup, we build a blog to help with branding.

  1. It’s great for SEO. Frequent updates and if you are using Wordpress the CMS is setup perfect for your site to get indexed fast.
  2. Even with Social Media, blogs are to drive traffic to your site via search engines. I still find that organic search traffic is of higher quality than Facebook hits.
  3. It’s so simple to setup.

The only negative is that blogs are really hard to operate. You need constant posts to keep the content fresh.