Right element/style for words of buttons, options and so on in instructions

I read <strong>: The Strong Importance element and some other sources, but am still not sure which element to choose when I write instructions like the following:
Go to the page > right-click Download > Save link as. What are right elements for Download and Save link as ? Or should I simply use CSS to style them? Then should I use font-weight: bold or font-style: italic ? I guess I should use <strong> because they are key words in my sentence, but I’m not sure. Here’s a real-world example: Download a file.

If by keywords you mean like keywords for SEO then you’re using the wrong approach.
If you simply mean that these words are relevant to the visitor, it is another story.

You use strong because you need to mark the importance of certain words, and want to drag the attention of the visitor to those words.
They are not important enough to be a title, and they need to be within the general text, yet they need to be enhaced somehow.

Since the lable bold does not exist, you use strong.

This approach is what should tell you when to use it.

In your situation, wether you use css or you use the strong element.
I tend to use CSS but if you need to use a label to be able to apply your CSS, you can use strong. Because it is logic to use it in this context, it is what the lable was created for.


Yes I would go with strong as they are the two important words in that sentence that you want to bring to attention. If you were merely colouring text for effect then you could use the b element or a span with css.

There may be a case for using em if you wanted to emphasise those two words which is basically a level below being strong. Strong is usually used for a warning or an important task therefore II think strong is good in your case. Sometimes semantics can be debated so there can be leeway to go one way or the other.:wink:

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No, key here is an adjective meaning important, e.g. the key issue.

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