Rich snippets driving me mad!

I’m reviewing places and hotels.

With places googles rich snippets tool says it’s good and places stars there etc. But nothing in search. This is coded by me on a html site. Sample

With hotels on Wordpress I use a Wordpress plugin and the stars show up?!

I don’t get what I’m doing wrong? I know it’s all subjective to Google but… Is it my places code?

Provided the markup is ok, my understanding is that Google’s decision to use the rich snippets is partially based on its perceived quality of the site, which it calculates. It maybe that the wordpress site managed to overcome the hurdle due to history, content, or some other factor, and the HTML site just hasn’t managed it.

Both the html and WP pages are a part of the same domain and both rank well. Including the html pages that aren’t showing snippets.

I’d consider “places” not being a part of rich snippets but TripAdvisor has them working. It’s basically the same as my source.

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