Rewrite root directory url's


I’m trying to get my article url’s to just have the domain name, article title and article id e.g.

I can do this with the following:

RewriteRule ([A-Za-z0-9-]+)-([0-9]+) dynamic/index.php?dynamic_url=$1&id=$2

but this seems to interfere with any file in the entire site that ends in the format of a string/number-number e.g.

Is their a way of specifying this rewrite condition on to files appearing directly after the domain name?


You can use [FONT=Courier New][1] to ensure your pattern starts matching at the beginning of the string, and $ to ensure it finishes matching at the end of the string. Otherwise, your pattern could be matching any middle portion of your strings.

RewriteRule [SIZE=4][COLOR=“#FF0000”][2]/SIZE-([0-9]+)$ dynamic/index.php?dynamic_url=$1&id=$2

  1. /FONT ↩︎

  2. /COLOR ↩︎

Brilliant! That’s got it sorted.