Review Posting

Hi Everyone
I’m new in SEO profession. Few days back I heard about review posting. But I exactly don’t know what it is. I just know that there are some websites where we can post our reviews.Is it? But how can it helps to promote our website? Please help.

Review posting is very important nowadays,When you make back link for your site.You can write comments for back link but keep in mind its is better to use proxy for this propose.

If you write the review and other site place it as it is, then:

  1. You will have back links to your site ( seo + )
  2. You will promote your site in a way to attract visitors to your site. ( traffic gain ).

Reviewing services help website to get more reputation over the internet. We can give review to our niche related website and can also promote our website there.

Yes, review posting does help to promote a website to a certain extent only. People nowadays generally search for reviews that are genuine and commented by various people. They can understand the difference between a fake review and a genuine one. So, write a review that seems authentic and it is better to use a proxy for the commenting.

Where do you find the sites to post your review?

i have a question regarding an ad network.
i have a streaming website and i heard about Media Group.
have anyone worked with them?