Review my website: "Usability Testing Exchange"?

I’m building something called Usability Testing Exchange:

  • What would you say the website is about, in your own words?
  • What are the 3 worst things about the website’s design & usability?
  • Why is this thing I’m doing a terribly crazy idea :stuck_out_tongue: (is it?) ?

Feel free to try to actually use it :- )

Thanks & regards,

Giving usability feedback on other sites/apps in return for feedback on your own.

The scroll button is weird (and not very useful) when keyboarding. It comes at a strange place in the tab order, before the “Enter your website” text box and “Get Feedback” button, and it’s not immediately clear where the focus has gone. Nor is it very helpful, as it only scrolls to top and bottom, which I can already do with Home and End, and the listed keyboard shortcuts - which seem to do the same thing - only work with the scroll box open.

I don’t like the orangey tones of the “hero” images. (Personal taste, not a fault with the site.)

That’s all.

I don’t think it is a terrible idea.

My main concern would be whether or not you would get a decent quality of feedback. It strikes me that the service might appeal most to inexperienced designers, so they may not be best-placed to notice potential issues. (On the other hand, I tend to test my sites on unsuspecting non-techy friends and relations, on the “if they can use it, anybody can use it” principal, so that fear may be unfounded.)

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Having added a website to be tested and found it deleted without being tested I have to say I’m less than impressed.

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@Gandalf What website? Was it by @grinnerpeace 8 days ago? I thought it was spam and deleted it, because 1) the one who posted that website, didn’t give feedback to anyone else, and also 2) did’t provide an email address. So I got the impression that that person wasn’t interested in giving feedback to others, and not interested in getting feedback him/herself either, so I thought that website was spam, and deleted it after some days.

I’ve restored that page now: You might not get any feedback though, unless you first give feedback to someone else. (And if you do, you will almost certainly get feedback yourself. Unless I + a freelancer I’m working with get some illness or something like that.)

Sorry for having made a mistake when I deleted it. Perhaps I should require that people specify their email addresses, then this is less likely to happen again.

@TecnoBear thanks for the feedback. Ok I’ll remove the scroll button. It’s actually intended for other types of pages, where people post lots of comments. Then one can use it to scroll to the parent comment (if it’s far away), and then back and continue reading.

Hmm ok good to know about the colors. If more people also want different colors, I suppose I’ll experiment with other colors then :- )

That’s a good point, in your last paragraph, that many / most (?) people aren’t good at noticing possible issues. Most things people do & write about, isn’t supposed to be about giving advice or noticing possible issues, though. If you look at what people are supposed to do, when they test a website:

What do you think the website is about? (your first impression)
What do you want to do at this website? Do that, and describe your experience.
Is there anything that makes you feel frustrated or confused?
Any ideas, suggestions, or advice?                                     <——

then I think only the last question: “Any ideas, suggestions, or advice?” might not work well. … The other questions — I think one would rather want non-technical users but from the correct target group, try to do & answer them. (E.g. mothers and fathers, if the website is a shop that sells strollers.)

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@Gandalf Now I reviewed, my thoughts & feedback here:

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I was mainly testing the site. I think if you require an email address you make it mandatory rather than optional - and if you’re going to delete something, let the user know - even if you don’t have the email address (although I suspect you will be making it mandatory :smiley: ) the user has registered so they could be given a message when they next log in.

As far as the site is concerned, then yes it’s a great idea.


Hi again Gandalf. Now even more people have reviewed your site: (I think Bernard gives helpful feedback :- ))

Have a look here:
(+ #post-6 too but it’s so short)

If you like the feedback you got at UTX, plz consider mentioning UTX for some of you friends, if you want to & if you think it can be of use to them. I’m going to add Facebook & Twitter share buttons … soon …

Thanks for explaining “threescore years and ten”
& best wishes with the course :- )

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