Return packages by rejecting the delivery?

So I bought something on Amazon but then found out what I thought I needed (and ordered), I now don’t need. It’s too late to cancel my order but can I just reject the package when UPS delivers it? Will it then just get bounced back to Amazon and they’ll issue a refund?

Or just ask them for a refund. They do have a customer service department :wink:

So we are going to refuse that router we thought we needed huh? :rolleyes:

Dont know but they may nail you for shipping even though you refused it!

I don’t have a problem asking for a refund, but i figure instead of having to take the package back to the UPS store and pay for the shipping back, I’d just refuse the package.

You can return it to sender with UPS, no need to repay shipping.

Make sure you let Amazon know first.

Yeah, just refuse it. You still may need to pay return shipping, but at least no need to ship it back

Yeah but just refusing it may delay you getting your money back. As it will probably be held at UPS local double for a while then eventually filtered back to Amazon. You have a money back guarantee anyway with Amazon so I think it would be sorted out quicker by letting them know rather than refusing the package. IMHO anyway.

From Amazon:

If you feel you do not want the item, you may refuse this shipment
when it arrives. Refusing the shipment allows you to return it
without having to pay for return shipping.

Blimey, in the UK its probably: If you feel you do not want the item, you must accept the delivery (delivery time can not be given, only the day of the delivery. If you miss the delivery you must arrange a re-delivery at additional cost of £18 per re-delivery), then return the package with the postage paid, await our CS department to verify the package, which may take up to 34 weeks and allow 52 working days to credit your account after this period. (If incorrect amount is credited, or no credit is made, contact our CS department after 62 days)

Can’t say fairer than that! It probably is the UK that has more draconian measures.

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no :slight_smile: