Retail and wholesale sales via shopping cart

Gudday all
My wife’s business ( is slowly beginning to get somewhere. At present her cart is only set up for retail sales. Wholesale orders are done manually. Now there are enough of wholesale enquiries and sales for her to wonder whether the cart can handle them as well.
The prices currently shown are retail and the wholesale prices will be different. Differentiating them upon customer is where I am at present.
It seems to me that would only be 3 ways to handle the distinction

  1. Show retail as normally but have a link with account name/password that would refresh the site to show wholesale prices but act normally otherwise.
  2. Have another cart that is very similar to the existing except for the pricing and maybe a few extra items.
  3. Use some form of discount or coupons for say, wholesales sales, that is a % of the other’s cost.

No. 1 would probably be the easiest to keep updated but no.2 is the easier conceptually.
What has been done in the past and what is possible?


Would you mind saying which shopping cart this is?

If you can’t mess around with the existing site I would say having another cart exclusively for wholesale would be better. While this may offer a level of independence, bear in mind stock levels,maintaining no. of products in two different carts etc.



Gudday Sam
Sorry for the delay. I have been travelling with work.
I am using Mal’s E-commerce cart.

I think the most common approach is that once logged in as a customer getting better rates, the prices displayed change to the lower prices.

However, you don’t want to duplicate everything into another shopping cart.