Restrict Admin Access

Hi, i want to restrict admin access to the admin area of my website.

I was thinking of whitelisting all the IP addresses that are allowed to access the admin area.

Is there a service that you can pay for that will allow you to connect through some sort of virtual tunnel, so that you can be guaranteed to have the same IP address regardless of your location, as you will be using the tunnel IP address… not sure if this makes sense… OR maybe you have a better way, thanks in advance…

Why not just a login form and simple user management?

Hi, i have a login for but i want to improve security further

What exactly are you afraid of? Passwords falling into the wrong hands? You COULD set up a simple IP table for allowing certain IPs to be allowed per each user… I’d put my effort into securing the login system more. Reequire password strengthening, and changes every x days, etc.