Resposive nav -- getting even space betw links

oh man, I thought I was pretty getting good with responsive nav…:wink:

but I can’t figure out how have even space between the links here…

would appreciate suggestions…

thank you…

Is this what you want?

Or maybe one of these:

thank you…

interesting… I had never seen this… do those calc: functions depend on Javascript?

The “calc” function is new in CSS3 and it not consistently supported. It is not a reasonable property to use for a production site at this time. No, it does not depend on JavaScript; it’s CSS3.

djeyewater’s thread contains a good discussion describing a particular style of spacing horizontal menus. In the second thread, Paul adds other CSS choices including the popular “text justify” method. That’s an especially informative thread because it is the contest in which the technique is thoroughly discussed.

If you read through djeyewater’s thread, you will come to a link to djeyewater’s blog where he posted some very sophisticated JavaScript code. If that interests you, you can take it to the JavaScript forum and perhaps find a way to use it.

Your post did not indicate much about what you want to achieve, so I posted some links where you can find a variety of horizontal menu spacing examples and maybe identify one that you want to replicate. Paul’s code is already available in his posts, which makes it easy to harvest.

Good reading and good luck.