Responsive web design using bootstrap


I am working on responsive web design (compatible to ipads,mobile and desktops) using Html5,bootstrap 3.0 and angularjs client side technologies and I am looking form Multi-column combobox control (with 3 columns) similar to attached screenshot using bootstrap.I have a [fiddle][1] for dropdown using bootstrap and can anyone provide sample code snippet for Multi-column combobox control?


I would simply make them one column, but put a slash where the column should be separated.

< option value="one">Owner/ Ana Trujillo/ Ana Trujillo Emp...< /option>

Beware, though, because this wide a layout will barely fit or won’t fit on a mobile device screen.

The above approach won’t work for my requirement.can anyone provide sample code snippet for Multi-column combobox control using bootstrap?

You appear to be using select lists and not HTML5 comboboxes.

The first step to getting multi-column comboboxes is to actually use comboboxes and not select lists.

Or did you mean you want select lists (which were around long before HTML5).

I want to use combobox using bootstrap