Responsive Theme Not Responsive on iPhone

Note: I’m requesting support on a commercial theme, which I bought, but the devs are not answering (Dream Theme, and the last forum post in their support portal was months old). <snip/>

Theme is Nimble:

Site I’m using it on:

Site is not responsive on two different iPhones. iPad is fine as is desktop. Appropriate check boxes in theme are ticked.

Any suggestions as to where I should begin to address this? I am willing to redirect to an iPhone-native site via a theme like Carrington but nothing I’ve tried has worked.


Hi mettray, welcome to the forums,

Unfortunately, unless someone has the theme and is willing to troubleshoot it for you, it is unlikely that anyone will purchase even the Regular License just to do so.


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My guess is that the “business days” is the problem. In the United States today is Labor Day, the third day of a “long weekend” and not a “business day”.

It may be that the theme authors have abandoned support, but the Theme Support Portal looks fairly professional so I doubt that.

It looks like there’s a script in there somewhere redirecting mobile users to a different site. I would strip that out and just use responsive CSS styling.