Responsive Pinterest board widget?

Hi all

I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out and Google turns up pretty well nothing concrete on the topic so thought I’d try you guys.

I have a Pinterest board widget implemented on a Bootstrap responsive site and want to make the Pinterest board responsive as well - but to no avail.

I can grab both the outer and inner containers, and flex the width, with the following:

.hswPinterestContainer span {
width:100%; overflow: hidden;

.hswPinterestContainer span span:first-child {

But I can’t work out how to change the width of the actual board.

Any ideas?!

Cheers, Alex.

Hi, atbuckingham. Welcome to the forums.

To provide effective advice, we will need to see the surrounding code for the pinterest box on the page It would probably be easiest if you could post a link to your site. It would be most ideal if you could post a working page that contains only the code necessary to replicate the problem. Please click the link at the bottom of this post and read our guidelines for posting code and descriptive information that helps us help you :slight_smile: .