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Hi there. Not that long ago @PaulOB gave a solution for a responsive HTML table and I’ll be jiggered if I can find the thread. Can anyone help please?

He has an example here, but I think there was another one where he has an on-line working example of it.

Thanks, Sam. I will have a go with this. I think there was a more recent one with a lot more mark-up.

Not sure if either of these might be what you had in mind. Paul’s, but not that recent:

More recent, but not Paul:


Try this:

7-Columns and Google Mobile Friendly but - #2 by PaulOB

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Found his pen:-

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Thanks a lot TB, Ralph and Sam. That is the one I was looking for. Having looked at it and my table I’m not sure my table would work with it as I have column and row headers

I’m thinking I might cheat and hide two of the years’ data. (Oh, did I really say that!)

Paul’s example worked fine on my seven daily columns and it passed the acid test:

Google Mobile Friendly Test

My problem (I think) is that the first column is a row header. I’m not sure how this would work. It seems the single column end-result would look rather odd.

Maybe it could be modified, with a class on the first header column, to make a 2 column table?
Though I couldn’t say how off the top of my head.

Works well for me with a simple tweak.

<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Untitled Document</title>
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
.mytable {
	margin:0 auto;
.mytable td, .mytable th {
	border:1px solid #000;
p {
	margin:0 0 1em
.mytable tbody th {
@media screen and (max-width:601px) { {
} thead {
}, tr{display:block;width:100%} td, tbody th {
	float:left;/* ie9 and under hack */
	padding:10px 5px;
} tbody th{text-align:center;} tbody, tr {
.mobile-optimised td:before {
	content:attr(data-th) ' :';
.mobile-optimised tbody td:last-child {
	border-bottom:1px solid #000;

<table class="mytable mobile-optimised datatable">
				<tr class="head">
						<th scope="col">2011/12</th>
						<th scope="col">2012/13</th>
						<th scope="col">2013/14</th>
						<th scope="col">2014/15</th>
						<th scope="row">Balance brought forward</th>
						<td data-th="2011/12">5,903</td>
						<td data-th="2011/13">5,674</td>
						<td data-th="2011/14">5,741</td>
						<td data-th="2011/15">7,615</td>
						<th scope="row">+ Annual precept</th>
						<td data-th="2011/12">6,700</td>
						<td data-th="2011/13">7,400</td>
						<td data-th="2011/14">7,025</td>
						<td data-th="2011/15">7,461</td>
						<th scope="row">+ Total other receipts</th>
						<td data-th="2011/12">4,929</td>
						<td data-th="2011/13">8,689</td>
						<td data-th="2011/14">7,622</td>
						<td data-th="2011/15">9,216</td>
						<th scope="row">&#8211; Staff costs</th>
						<td data-th="2011/12">2,261</td>
						<td data-th="2011/13">2,882</td>
						<td data-th="2011/14">3,066</td>
						<td data-th="2011/15">2,894</td>
						<th scope="row">&#8211; Loan interest / capital repayments</th>
						<td data-th="2011/12">0</td>
						<td data-th="2011/13">0</td>
						<td data-th="2011/14">0</td>
						<td data-th="2011/15">0</td>
						<th scope="row">&#8211; Total other payments</th>
						<td data-th="2011/12">9,597</td>
						<td data-th="2011/13">13,140</td>
						<td data-th="2011/14">9,707</td>
						<td data-th="2011/15">15,888</td>
						<th scope="row">= Balance carried forward</th>
						<td data-th="2011/12">5,674</td>
						<td data-th="2011/13">5,741</td>
						<td data-th="2011/14">7,615</td>
						<td data-th="2011/15">5,510</td>
						<th scope="row">Total cash and investments</th>
						<td data-th="2011/12">5,674</td>
						<td data-th="2011/13">5,741</td>
						<td data-th="2011/14">7,615</td>
						<td data-th="2011/15">5,510</td>
						<th scope="row">Total fixed assets and long term assets</th>
						<td data-th="2011/12">228,926</td>
						<td data-th="2011/13">233,245</td>
						<td data-th="2011/14">233,245</td>
						<td data-th="2011/15">233,245</td>
						<th scope="row">Total borrowings</th>
						<td data-th="2011/12">0</td>
						<td data-th="2011/13">0</td>
						<td data-th="2011/14">0</td>
						<td data-th="2011/15">0</td>

I prefer the mobile version to the dektop.:slight_smile:


Thanks Paul. I might have known I wouldn’t be allowed to cheat! :slight_smile: Many thanks

Just one thing - is there any way to get a border-top for the whole table? I’ve tried various things and either get nothing or a double border all but the top and bottom “rows”.

Like this?

That’s it! Strange it didn’t work for me before. Cheers Sam

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