Respond.js not working

Not sure what step I’m missing here, but I have a responsive design and I included respond.js to make ie < 9 work with my media queries.

The script ( <script src=“js/vendor/respond.proxy.js”></script> ) is included in the head but ie 8 ( haven’t tested 7 or 6 ) doesn’t react to the media queries.

Should I be using a different script?


When I visit your site I’m seeing the following error in the console: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'href' of null respond.proxy.js:4.
Judging by documentation, I think maybe you should be including respond.min.js, instead of respond.proxy.js


I’m a github noob. I didn’t see that file in the zip folder i downloaded. I’ll look again. Thanks.

I have to min file there now instead of proxy. but ie 8 still ignores media queries. Where did you see console errors before? Firebug?

No, in the Chrome console… now I’m seeing a 404 error for the file /js/vendor/respond.min.js

thanks for your help. got the file in the right place and it’s working now.