[RESOLVED] PHP header redirect not working in Firefox or Chrome

Hope someone can help with this - I have a PHP redirect in a page that works as I would like in Safari, but doesn’t work in Firefox or Chrome. It just looks like this:

<?php header('Location: http:www.mysite.com/mypage/index.php?UserID=' . $_SESSION['SecurityAssist_UserID']); ?>

If I take out the redirect, and echo the SESSION on the page it looks correct, and it appears in the page that users end up on which is:


Any suggestions for a fix greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Try inserting two left-hand slashes into the Url,

D’oh! Sorry, stupid mistake - might have spotted it if it hadn’t worked in Safari - because it did my brain just jumped to the conclusion it was the PHP and didn’t see the wood for the trees. Thank you!


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