Resize thumbnail size

In the CMS i am using, there is a script where the images on the news article have specific thumbnail size.

The system adds the following markup to article images:


This is fine for images of thumbnail sizes but anything larger like in your case, the images can become blurry.

They told me that if i want to change this size, i need to add a script on the page.
Any ideas?

Example page:

Why not just resize your thumbnails to the correct size before you upload them?

i have done that, but the script will automatically rezise them to thumbnails
Doesnt matter what size you upload them

I can see why there’s a problem.

Taking a 200x160 photo image and displaying it at 600x480 would tend to be blurry.

I see two options.

Display the 200x160 at (or at least closer to) its actual dimensions.

Keep the thumbnails for mobile view / lists, but not for any page where it will be an important part of the content.

If you can’t reconfigure / hack / replace / disable that script I don’t think you have much choice but to show the resized images at smaller dimensions.

Thank you, but i think i explained all these in my OP.
The developers of the CMS advised me to do exactly that.
hack/replace the script

But i dont know how :frowning:

I’m not convinced you need to write or even touch any code.

I think all you will need to do is not have the thumbnail stuff
( take a large image - make a small thumbnail of it - display the thumbnail large )
applied to “article” pages.

The original image on the left though a slightly different size looks fine to me.

Are there no configuration settings in an ACP UI for this?

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