Resize the images accordingly to browser window

I am stuck with this one.
I have list of thumbnails, there are 5 rows and each of them has 5-8 images.
I am trying to re-size those thumbs according to browser window size. I don’t want to get scroll and I don’t want the images get cut. I want them all get smaller accordingly to the window size. Is that even possible?

Hi Immerse.
Thank you so much for that tip. OMG I haven’t thought of using tables. That actually works just fine.

Thank you

Maybe you could put them in a table, each cell with width 20%. Then give the images width 100%, they should resize if the browser is resized.

No javascript needed! :slight_smile:

Felgall, I know this would be the best way to do it, but the client wants specific number of thumbnails in each raw:(
Thank you.

Doing it that way means that the images will look awful when their size is changed significantly from their real size. A better option might be to leave the thumbnails the same size and increase or decrease the number of them in each row to whatever will fit - easily done with CSS by floating them just as long as you don’t use a table.