resets always cause me problems with the lists:

I need to see bullets in list in main body of the page (but not in nav list on top of the page…)

I find I can’t overwrite

li {display:inline-block; }  

in reset (I need this reset b/c have more nav-type lists on the site…)

it’s this directive in reset that’s preventing bullets from showing in… how do I overwrite this??? (can only test in moz/safari/chrome right now (it looks the same in all three), but I suspect this inline-block issue is the same in all browsers…)

don’t know what to overwrite display:inline-block with…
display:block isn’t doing it…

thank you…


To get the bullets back you need display:list-item, ul {

oh my gosh… thank you very much… I knew I was missing some list-specific display property… :slight_smile: