Require guidance for learning Web development

I am an MBA. I have keen interest in web development. I have learn some of the HTML coding from websites. But I want to be professional web developer. Would any body guide me to be successful in developing website step by step.

first of all you have to learn
-Java script
-PHP or other web development language.

Sitepoint offers their own courses online (

You can also use or receive some training in your city/town about the technologies used in web development.

As @Stevews; suggested, if you’re serious, HTML is only a start. But you can learn all of it on the web either by yourself or through online courses. Obviously, books help a lot too.

Sitepoint’s book are easy to follow and these are the ones I know best, but there are whoooole range of books that are great for learning and most of the major publishing houses such as O’Reilly have their share of decent books to choose from.

Obviously, the forum can help to answer specific questions (either by looking at answers when that question has already been asked, or by posting your own thread when you can’t find that answer)

As with many things in life, it is a question of practice. should provide the great training to learn about all the items of Developing.By using this website,you could easily learned web developing.

the best way to learn the web development visit w3schools only is best site.

You learn from w3schools site and lynda site.