Request to delete thread

<snip>Link deleted as it doesn’t work any longer</snip>

Can I have this thread deleted, its indexed on the first page of google, and I rather it was removed completely.


Don’t you think that would be rather rude to all the people who helped you by giving critique for that site?

I am grateful for the replies, but there has not been any reply for a while.

But a customer for my website, could easily find my thread, by typing the company name. I would prefer it was just removed.

Yes, but the post count would go down for those who helped you. And a forum relies on threads not disappearing all of a sudden (unless they’re spam etc.).

A user should have the right to have there thread removed, especially if its inactive, or currently not being reviewed.

Would you like me to spam it then?

Next time ill be more conscious of naming a thread, so that google doesnt SEO target the keywords of my thread.

Otherwise, let me edit the title, and posts of the thread itself. So google reindexes it differently.

I’m sure a mod would be willing to help you change some things like the title for google reasons… and yes, I believe it’s sensible to be aware of google when posting anything on a public (open to everyone without needing login) forum.

BTW, though, I looked at your site. Took a long time for the images to load on my high-speed connection. But mostly, your menu has an issue on Firefox on Linux (also Opera on Linux and Chrome/Linux looked better but still not as wide as the top-cap of the menu):

when I squeeze thee browser width enough to get a scrollbar:

Surprised nobody mentioned that in the thread… possibly I do not have the first font listed in your font list?[/ot]

Id much rather have the thread deleted.

As for your comments, im not sure, have not tested it on Linux, the font in the menu, actually has Cufon text embedding, but doesn’t seem to work on your system. Which is why it overflows outside, and when you collapse your browser width, it overflows to the next line. Id probally look more into it, if I had a client intake online (any for that matter).

a user should think hard about what he posts before he posts it


I understand your problem but I do encourage you to think before posting :smiley: After all, there are few places more public than a forum :lol:

The forums are here to help everyone and to learn as much as possible. One way is learning from others and your thread is no different. Even if you think that the information there is of no use and the site is not receiving any more feedback, it teaches by example and it can be helpful to others.

That’s one of the reasons why we don’t delete threads.

I don’t see anything negative regarding a customer searching your site and finding this thread. Asking for opinion is always good, it proves that you are willing to listen to others and the critiques have been quite nice.

Yet, if you want to have the thread removed, I’ll be happy to do it for you.

PM me and let me know what you want me to do: delete or rename?

thanx molona, sent you a PM

Action taken. This thread is now closed :smiley: