Reply, Replay All, Forward

For a Private Messaging system, how much would you use and/or expect there to be the following options…

- Reply

- Reply All

- Forward

- Other??

I am thinking of adding “Reply” and “Forward”, but first wanted to see if anyone else even thinks users would care?! :-/



In such situations, coming up with a user-story where the user makes use of such options is an effective technique to use.
See for example:
From User Story to User Interface: Collaboratively designing and testing user interface to help your users succeed

That doesn’t answer my question…


The question was about whether users would care. User stories are a good way to determine that.
If the use of a certain feature results in an unconvincing scenario, then you know that the feature is not likely to be of much benefit.

I created this thread to get people’s opinions - I am not gathering requirements from users which do not exist yet.

So if YOU were using my new PM system, would YOU expect to have the ability to “Reply”, “Reply All” and “Forward” PM’s?

Or are those maybe things you would only want for E-mail?

Or maybe you would only want certain ones, like definitely needing a “Reply” button?

Or maybe there is another related feature that I did not mention that YOU would expect?

Follow me?



Ahh yes, opinions.

Yes indeed, in my opinion I definitely do think that users would care.

TBH I can’t recall ever using a Reply All

But I use Reply a lot

Private Messages are supposed to be “private”, but being able to Forward could come in handy.
I guess as long as you have a Report feature that would act as a Forward to you (or other Admins), so you might not need it, but I can see where users might want and expect it.

For Private Messaging, I agree. (For E-mail, maybe not so much.)


I sorta felt that way too.

So, we have a strong vote for “Reply”, a medium vote for “Forward”, and an ahhhh for “Reply All”.

Pretty much how I feel.

Anyone else care to comment?

Oh, and is there some other button that is missing? (e.g. “Reply & Pick up Drycleaning”) :lol:



If someone sends out a message to a group of people, it’s convenient to be able to Reply All so that everyone is in the loop. I think that happens by default in this forum … because the recipient list seems to act as the reply to list when you reply. (I’m not certain about that, though.)

Hello !

I think you should add all 3 of them Reply, Reply all & Forward too.
It’s nice to have all options!