Replacing content in div

hello everyone,
i want to have on my page a div where content changes when ppl click on certain links without a full page reload
when searching i’ve popped up on many similar examples (one of them is this:

however i find it hard to manage because the content that being replaced is dynamic, big and may have many speical symbols like " or ’ which makes the script stop working immediately

Does any1 got any good solution to this?

If the content is dynamic, then depending on how it is generated you could use ajax.

If you want to load the content from separate html pages, the People code examples from Bulletproof Ajax do a nice job of things.

Similar techniques can be applied if you want to retrieve the content via a php page, so that it can customize or or retrieve the content from your database.

i’m not loading the content from different pages its loaded directly from db
i need something small (and simple) like the thing i’ve posted in the first post, but something that will not cause problems when symbols are used (specially " or ') because the content is dynamic and i dont know when and where such symbols will be used, so i need a script that will take care of that.

thanks for the help.