Removing the 1 from query window in phpmyadmin

Hello, Everyone!! Happy New Year!!

I have a question. I hope this is the right thread for it.

In phpmyadmin, how do you remove the ‘1’ from the sql query window where it shows: select * from table WHERE 1
Should I remove it or keep it there? It’s really bothersome sometimes.

Why is it bothersome? It’s a condition which is always true, so it doesn’t change your results.

You don’t need to use phpMyAdmin, it’s not something that’s a part of MySQL or even comes with it, just a script some guy wrote in PHP one time… :slight_smile:

That’s just there to get you started. Simply overtype whatever part of the select statement (or even all of it) with what you actually want the SQL to read. Alternatively use the buttons alongside to build the query if you don’t actually know enough SQL to write it for yourself.