Removing "static" from my functions

I have been using compiled queries for just about everything. It seems that in .NET 4 using the static Func<> causes a “Query was compiled for a different mapping source than the one associated with the specified DataContext.” exception. I guess it should have done so all along but the exception was ignored in the past. I’m really out of shape in the C# and .NET field so I need a bit of help.

Here is one of my compiled queries:

private static Func<bibleDataContext, string, IQueryable<Bible>>
	_theVersion = CompiledQuery.Compile((bibleDataContext context, string bibleVersion) =>
		(from v in context.biblesInfos
			where v.bibleName == bibleVersion
			select new Bible
					version = v.versionID,
					language = v.languageID,
					copyright = v.copyright
public static IQueryable<Bible> theVersion(string bibleVersion)
	return _theVersion(context, bibleVersion);

I’d like to take the “static” out of the private function but leave it in the public IQueryable because I use it in a static string extension. I just can’t remember what’s to be done. Any tips for me? :slight_smile:

Ah, I think the issue is that I’m using a separate context due to the use of separate databases. Hmmmmmmm… This has nothing to do with the use of static. I guess I found some misleading advice.