Removing space between the T-Join

Dear All,
I have a page here My only problem is that all the centre T-join I would like to link them together but there is space appearing between them. Any idea how to remove the space such that they appear as joined.

Set your images to {vertical-align: bottom;}



Dear Gary,
I have done changes based on your suggestion. The link is here but is not working.

No, you didn’t. You did this:

<img vspace="0" src="longJoin.png">

That is not equivalent to declaring a style rule

 img {vertical-align: bottom;}

. You could have used

<img align="bottom" ...>

but align hasn’t been valid since 1999, though browsers will still support it. The valign attribute has never been valid on images nor on the parent element, div.

See “That Mysterious Gap under Images” for an explanation of what’s happening and for some options.



Dear Gary, I have updated my page it looks much better. Do you know how to put label as in font on the black images.