Removing Sidebar Completely and Expanding Posts Across

I’m not sure how easy this will be without someone having the files for the theme I am using but I need to remove the sidebar completely (which I’ve sort of already done) and allow for the posts to go across one more and take up the white space in the sidebar. I removed everything in the sidebar.php for the theme but I just can’t seem to figure out how to make the post go three across instead of the two it is currently at and take up that white space. I’ve attached a photo of what it currently looks like to get a better idea of what I am trying to do but I don’t even know where to look to make this happen. Can anyone help?

You’ll need to edit the CSS file. If the sidebar is still there in the HTML, you could set it to display: none; (although the best option is to remove it from the template altogether). Then change the width of the content area to 100% or thereabouts (and perhaps remove float: left if it exists).

If you’ve got a link to your theme we can give you more specific instructions as to adjusting it.

It should just be a matter of changing the width in your css as ralph has said.

Thank you both. I’ve now removed the sidebar completely and removed the float and set the width for the column 1 to 100%. Now I just have the problem of getting the post to expand across one more. This is what it currently looks like;

@bo5ton, I can send you the link via PM although I do not want to post it publicly.

Yes, unfortunately it’s impossible to tell you what to do without seeing the code. You could make up a test page and post it here (preferably with HTML and CSS together) and perhaps turn the images into divs with set width and height to replicate those images.

I’ve fixed the margin issue, I had it set to margin-right instead of margin. xP

The posts are floating to the left though and I’m not exactly sure on how I’d center them.

This is the whole CSS file:

This is the layout code:

This is what I’m working with to make the post float to the left and align them together:

	float: left;
	margin: 20px 5px;
	float: left;
	margin: 20px 5px;

And what should I be doing with this piece of code in the layout file as it would be a bit easier just using one CSS property instead of having to use two, wouldn’t it?:

<div class="post <?php if ($counter == 1) { echo 'fl'; } else { echo 'fr'; $counter = 3; } ?>">

Thank you guys so much for helping me out, you’re both a life saver.

To get the best result I would suggest giving us a live link to work with. Viewing the code out of context makes things difficult as we can’t see the parent classes of the css etc. and not sure exactly where the problem would be occuring. If you’re not comfortable sharing your domain, might I suggest creating a subdomain and installing wordpress and your theme there and sharing with us? That way it is just on a default install and we can’t see the content of your main site and you can remove it as soon as your done. And edit the link here as well.
Something like:

Or you can send the link via PM should you feel comfortable doing it that way but doesn’t guarantee that myself or anyone can fix it. Sharing with everyone is the best way to get an answer.

What theme are you tweaking>

Well, it depends if you have access to the administration area or not… and which theme you use. If you don’t access to the administration area, all of the above is valid. But if you have access to the administration area and your theme has more than one template (and all the themes I used have at least two different templates, one with the right sidebar and other with no sidebar at all), it would be as easy as applying the template when you edit your post.