Removing duplicates

Its seems like one of my users have been clicking on a send button twice to send an e-mail to the members.
The e-mail is stored in my db and what I can see there are duplicates of everyone, so I paused the loop where it’s being sent.
Now I would like to remove the duplicates but not sure how do this in a table.

Is there a simple way to remove the duplicates that have the same send_code and where sent=0

There are probably close to 1000 rows.

Next step I need to see how it’s possible that the user could click that start button twice.


DELETE * FROM TableName WHERE send_code=TheValueYouWantToDelete AND sent=0

Well, not exactly what I’m looking for. That one will delete even the ones that haven’t been sent. There are some duplicates left where I ONLY want to remove the duplicates.
The email has a unique code (m7g44pys) called send_code but I don’t want to delete all those that haven’t been sent, since there are a number of unsent that has to be sent as well.
So I want to list all unsent ones that have a unique e-mail for that send_code.

I tried this, but I don’t think it’s right:

SELECT DISTINCT email, sent, send_code, send_id FROM to_send_table WHERE send_code= 'm7g44pys' AND sent = '0';

Or if I can see in phpmyadmin just the ones that are double, then I can delete them there by selecting them all in the list.
But I just don’t know how to make the query. Is there a way to do something like this

SELECT * FROM to_send_table WHERE sent = '0'

and then add something that looks if there are more than one email, with a count or whatever…

Now I did this and I think it’s right?

SELECT email
FROM to_send_table
WHERE send_code =  'm7g44pys'
AND sent =  '0'
GROUP BY email
ORDER BY  `to_send_table`.`email` ASC