Remove woocommerce cart item price

Hello everyone,

Is there somebody here who knows how I can get rid of the item price in the shopping cart ?
I am using the remove_action() function in my functions.php in my theme.

Got done quit a lot but don’t know how to remove the item price.

Best regards,

If you can find the file where the item price is displayed in the shopping cart, you can modify it by adding a folder named ‘woocommerce’ to your themes folder. Copy the file in question into your new ‘woocommerce’ folder, making sure to keep the same directory structure. In other words, if that file is in a folder named ‘cart’, then you would need to make a folder called ‘cart’ to put in your ‘woocommerce’ folder and add the file to it.

Once you have set that up, use that copied file to make the changes. In this case you could delete the code that adds the item price.

The concept works similarly to that of a child theme.

Whatever you do, do not change the code in the original WooCommerce plugin.

Thanks for the advice got it to work pretty quick.
I am now stuck creating a update query for the amount of a order.

I need to Wright it out on php.

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