Remove style only for linked images

Hi on my site I have set dotted underlines for links, I want to make linked images in the content have no dotted underline though, how can I do that? On the page referenced here the image displays a dotted underline, which I want to remove. Other text links should retain the dotted underline.

If the underline is set on the link (which is the usual way to do it), there’s no easy way to remove the underline on images that are within links.

If the links contain either text or an image, you can put a class on one set or the other and target the underline that way.

Another option, which is a bit of a fudge but works pretty well, is to just move the image down a couple of pixels so that it covers the underline, something like this:
a img {position:relative; bottom:-2px;}

sorry the user and password are both : demo

Your website is password protected so couldn’t see what you meant but if you want to style specific items and not others you use a CSS class.

You can set the class to apply to the items you want to have styled borders or underlined text and one that says no border or underline or do you mean the images have a focus outline. I assume you meant Border styles.

For example class .c1 { border-bottom: thick solid red; } and class .c2 { border-bottom: none; } <p class=“c1”>xyz</p> and <p class=“c2”>xyz</p>

You could always add a class to the A tag that wraps the image

<a href="page.html" class="imagelink"><img src="image.png" alt="xxx" /></a>

a.imagelink { border: 0; }