Reload image after a 403 (forbidden) error

Dear all,
I try to do the following :
From a website A : Load images from a website B (I do not own site B).
I meet an issue with ** for the first image load ** an error 403
(forbidden) from site B. The image is loaded in a kind of popup (qTip)
The second time I try to load the image, all is OK.

My concerns are:

  • the first time I have an ugly “image broken” picture
  • I need to have the image loaded for the first time (at least for

So does anyone have an idea on how to :
> catch the 403 event
> and if catched try to reload the image with the same source (since the error seems to appear only one time).

I already try with the error() function of jQuery but with no success.
Thanks for your help.